Building Barns Cabins & Homes 

Providing Timber Structures for Farm, Commercial, or Urban Homes

What we do

A design catered to your needs wherever you live

From farm to family, Carolina Barn Builders creates heirloom buildings for generations of use. Horse Barns to your Dream Home, centuries old craftsmanship goes into every design we build.

Perfect finish

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Organic Materials

With our homes being overrun with plastics and electronics the world is designing itself out of an organic home. We use wood and engineered products to put life back into your home.

Design Build

Every project is designed to your exact needs. You have complete control of your build from day one as we take your dreams and design them into your home.

why we do it

We have designed and built in over 16 states and 3 countries 

Our designs and builds reach across the Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest. We build anywhere our customers need us. From on grid to off grid our structures and services can get there. With almost 30 years of building we have built ice rinks to party barns that span the globe.

We want to bring innovation

The very nature of Timber Framing means we build beyond the basic code book. We have spanned sports arena with massive timbers and designed homes that open up to panoramic views. Nothing stands in our way when we build your building as our knowledge and understanding of todays innovative products allow us to build beyond most builders imaginations. 

Contact Information

Find us here: 580 Thomasboro Rd


Phone: nine,one,zero-880-2256